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.: Sunday, September 29, 2013 :.

:: rebooting... ::

I need to start blogging again real soon.


love as always by zaLin @ 10:25 AM

.: Thursday, June 28, 2012 :.

:: 2012 so far... ::

It's been almost a year since my last post.
Time is moving at an amazing speed, I should say.

Hawra is now in K2.
She is performing rather well, alhamduliLlah.
She scored 1st place in the Mid year exams.
And her spelling tests are all good.
Malay, english, mandarin.
Her baby fats are long gone.
But sometimes when I look closely at her when she's asleep, her baby features are still there, somehow.
 My baby girl has definitely grown.
But I guess, to a mother, as cliche as it may sound, no matter how grown up your child is, he/she will forever remain your baby. :')

I notice that I no longer blog on important dates like her birthday, the day she lost her first baby tooth, then the second, husband's birthday, my birthday, our anniversary.
I just lost that blogging feeling.
What is there left to write?
I just don't really feel like writing my feelings out here for people to read in the open.
People tend to assume, you see.
Been receiving some hate mails (i suspect from the same person) claiming that I am a show off.
Say whaaaaat??
I am not rich. What is there for me to show off, really?
Some people should really get a life, seriously.

2012 so far has been a tough year indeed.
So many sad things. Tearful events.
But let me just keep it locked forever in my heart.
But just to make things clear, nothing to do with my marriage ya.
Had to make that clear, since people love to assume.
Fitnah is bad, people!
Let's live and let live!

love as always by zaLin @ 5:13 PM

.: Thursday, July 28, 2011 :.

:: 2011 so far. ::

A friend of mine commented, "your blog is as good as dead."
I just laughed.
Well, it might lack updates, but it sure aint dead.
This blog records Hawra's first 3 years, so of course it will never be deleted.
It's contents are so important, so precious to me.
So, I won't let it die.
However, I find it harder and harder to blog nowadays.
With our tight daily schedules, I find it simply unnecessary to blog about..stuff.
After all, we now have facebook, twitter, foursquare and the likes to update about what is happening in our life almost everyday, so what's the point of blogging?

But then when I go to every now and then, I would read, then smile, then shed some happy tears looking at the pictures and the posts and wonder how fast time pasts by and how far I have been down the 'motherhood' road.

My darling Hawra Kalka'il is growing up way faster than I ever thought she is.

From a tiny person who only knows how to cry; cry when she's hungry, cry when she's pooing, cry when she's uncomfortable..she now knows A LOT.

We have been sending her to a chinese kindy since January this year, and alhamdulillah she is coping rather well there, I must say. She even managed to get 2nd place in her class for the 1st semester this year, which truthfully was rather surprising given the fact that she was totally oblivious of the exams and all. As a parent, I was really surprised but (obviously) proud of her accomplishment. If you have been in my facebook friends' list you will have notice that I update Hawra's progress every now and then. Let people say that I am 'obsessed' with my own child. But hey, cut me some slack, will ya? I only have one so if I am not 'obsessed' with her much then whom should I be obsessed with? Maher Zain? Nanti ada yang kata dah tua2 pun kemaruk dgn artis jugak makcik ni! Haiz, it's not easy to make everyone happy, I guess.

As for work, I am still doing the same job. I do complain sometimes, but at the end of the day, when I come back home after a shitty day at work, seeing the faces of my loved ones, I count myself among the lucky ones for having them close by me unlike some friends who have to stay far from their family for the sake of 'mencari rezeki'. Alhamdulillah.

Ramadhan is coming in a few days time. Let's make the best of this blessed month by doing more good deeds, my friends.
BaarikiLlahumma lanaa fee shahri Ramadhan, ameen!

love as always by zaLin @ 1:10 PM

.: Monday, February 14, 2011 :.

:: 5. ::

Hawra Kalka'il
14th February 2006.
Kohilal Medical Center,
Taman Melawati, Selangor.

Hawra Kalka'il.
September 2010.

I have neglected this blog for as long as I can remember.
Really bad of me.
I have the time to write, yes.
To say that I am constantly busy till I have no time to spare to write a few sentences to keep this blog updated, is truly a big fat lie.
In other words, I am just plain lazy to blog anymore.
I would rather spend the free time that I have with Hawra, Husband and the Housework.
I now have 3 meaningful Hs in my life..ha ha :p

However, I feel the need to write again today.
Maybe not a lengthy one.
Just a short post to celebrate this special day.

Today, 14th February 2011, is my darling Hawra's birthday.

Today's the day she turns 5.

Yup, 5.

To say that she is my joy and my pride, is totally an understatement.
She is much more than that.
She is my everything.
These past 5 years have been the greatest of my life.
Alhamdulillah, I think as parents, the husband and I did a very good job on raising our own kid.
There were challenges and obstacles every now and then, but praises be to Allah, we managed to overcome whatever that has been thrown into our path.
May Allah give us the strength to continue what we are doing so we can provide the very best of everything for Hawra...ameen! Allahumma aameen!!

And to my dear Hawra,
if you ever get to read this when you're older,
know that both your daddy & I love you so very much.
And know that, we will always be there for you, through the good and bad.
Happy 5th birthday, cupcake.
May Allah bless you with the best things in life, and after..aameen!


love as always by zaLin @ 10:25 AM

.: Saturday, March 27, 2010 :.

:: Random thoughts. ::

extremely syok sendiri post.
Don't say you weren't warned.

March is drawing to it's end.
Hawra's 4th birthday came and went.
As much as we wanted a proper celebration on the 14th February, things didn't turn out how we wanted it to be, so we decided to just chill and did nothing too fancy on her birthday.
Husband was out of the hospital a few days before Hawra's birthday, and was still recuperating, while I, on the other hand, fell horribly ill after spending a few restless nights tending to husband at the hospital, save for the night he was admitted to ICU for Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever.
I almost lost the man I love that night. *shudders*
So you'll understand why we didn't go big this year, despite the initial plan to do at least a decent makan-makan and potong-potong kek celebration for our dear precious.
It's not like we didn't want to..but sick parents = no mood for big celebrations. Geddit?
As much I want to remember February as a special month because it's my darling's birthday, I would rather just forget about this year's february as it had brought me this close to losing my sanity.

Alhamdulillah, the trying times are over.
And we are all back to our usual hectic weekly schedule.
Me, being here (in Singapore) at times and there (in JB) at times, and adjusting to it all.
It's totally nerve wrecking. And not to mention, heart breaking.
But as they say (who are they, anyway??), we do it all in the name of Love.
Love makes us do things that we thought we would never do.
Like me.
I never thought I would end up teaching.
I know teachers out there are going to dis me, or smirk at what I am about to say, but whateverlah, ok. I need to let this out, or I am going to become nuts before the year ends.
Truth be told, teaching was never a first option for me.
There, I said it. Shoot me.
Please, spare me your syarahans, ok teachers and asatizahs.
I applied for teaching because I got frustrated as none of my job applications were successful.
Senang cerita, siang-siang dah kena reject lah.
And yes, I admit, teaching, to me, was the last resort.
It seemed like at that time, logic took over me.
I needed to work.
I needed cash, my own earnings, so I could buy those shiny trinkets that beckon me each time I pass that certain shop.
I needed money, so I can afford to spend on things unnecessary.
I needed money, so I can afford to splurge on whatever my daughter wants without batting an eyelid twice.
I needed a job, and there were no other options available.
So teach, I did.
I didn't think I could teach.
I just...jumped and hoped for the best.
Few months into this field, I have come to love teaching.
Sure, there are bad days.
It's not a bed of roses, that's for sure.
But at the end of the day, when I pack my bags and head home after a long day at school, I feel satisfaction.
Well, not everyday, of course. Most days, I bring back headaches and heartaches.
But that doesn't mean that I don't love my job.
I love teaching.
I admit, it is not my dream job.
But it keeps me going.

I am not going to let today's incident ruin my love for teaching.
I pray to Allah that He gives his guidance to my student, Syafiq Hammady.
I know that you are better than this, Syafiq.
I forgive you, and I pray that you will be a better person one day. Amin.

love as always by zaLin @ 12:13 AM

.: Wednesday, January 20, 2010 :.

:: Leaving on a jet plane. ::

Weeeellllll....not a JET plane, exactly.
Just an aeroplane. And a budget one, at that..hoho
But still, it's a new experience for my darling Hawra, and I can't help but feel excited for her.
This is her virgin flight, and I sure hope she doesn't freak out when the plane takes off (I had a bit of a panic the first time I boarded the plane..hurhur)
She, on the other hand, is acting cool habis when we say that we're gonna take an aeroplane tomorrow.
Kids nowadays. Tsk.

My, it nearing February already? *counts fingers*
And when was the last time I posted some kind of scribbles I regard as a blog post? *counts fingers again*
Oh. Just a couple of months.
But, certainly feels so long!
Tied up at work on most days, and on the days that I am not working, well, let's just say I simply couldn't be bothered to blog. It's always, laundry, housework, more laundry, more housework, and also HAWRA.
I pity that darling sunshine of mine. She has got to be the best daughter ever.
She knows when I am working, and she always seem to understand that when Mommy says that she's busy, then she is, and she would not bother me, not if she could help it.
That is why when I am not working, I would rather spend my free time with her, playing silly games, reading her favorite books together, and do the house chores together. She's, like, my little Personal Assistant...hehe

I do hope we will enjoy this first oversea trip together.
I can't wait to see her face when we go to Dufan.
Oooh, we're gonna have so much fun together, baby.

Jakarta and Bandung, here we come!

love as always by zaLin @ 2:26 AM

.: Tuesday, November 10, 2009 :.

:: The One.... ::

...who gave me his heart, and trusts me with his,
turns 35 today.

The One...
...whom I bear my child with, the fruit of our love,
turns 35 today.

The One...
...who is a man of his words, and is not afraid to stand by them,
turns 35 today.

The One...
...who shares his life, his hopes and dreams with me,
turns 35 today.

The One...
...who listens to my heart, comforts me when I'm down,
laughs at my jokes (even the lousy ones),
turns 35 today.

The One...
...who has been with me, through ups and downs,
thick and thin,
hell and back,
turns 35 today.

The One...
...whom I love desperately,
..and am more than willing to spend 35 more years with, until eternity..
turns 35 today.

He is The One,
The air that I breathe..
My past.
My present.
My future.
My world.
My life.
My soul.
My everything.

and he is...
My Husband.

Happy Birthday, ol' man ;)
Thank you for being a great friend, and wonderful husband, and a loving father to my Hawra.
Though we have our differences, I believe that you and I, are two beings created by Allah to fit each other perfectly.
And I am forever thankful to Him for you in my life.
I love you.


love as always by zaLin @ 1:59 AM

.: Wednesday, September 16, 2009 :.

:: Nine. ::

Throughout the years...
Through the good and bad...
Through thick and thin..
To hell and back...

I thank Allah for having you beside me.
I thank your mother and father, for bringing you into this world.
I thank fate for bringing us together back in that fateful winter afternoon at Mujamma' Mafraq.
I thank you, for being you.
I thank you, for receiving me the way I am, flaws and all.
I am aware, that I am imperfect in so many ways.
But I am sure that you are also aware, that I am always trying my best to improve.

Dear Husband,
You are the best thing that has ever happened to me.
And you will always remain here, in my heart, till my last breath.
Bahibbak, Habibi.
Through these 9 wonderful years we shared together, you have taught me so much about love, laughter, joy, life.
You really are my significant other. And I love thee. For all eternity.

Happy 9th Anniversary, Sayang.
I promise you, I will be right here beside you, for all my life.
I am yours.

Forever yours,

love as always by zaLin @ 9:18 PM

.: Friday, August 07, 2009 :.

:: And they say... ::

is the force that keeps it together..
when everything else seems to fall apart.
I am glad we survived it.
I'm truly glad we did. =)
Bahibbak. Remember that sayang.

love as always by zaLin @ 12:19 AM

.: Friday, July 17, 2009 :.

:: Pose for me, baby :) ::

Can you believe it?
I brought the cammie with us but didn't bring the charger?? *slaps forehead*
I thought I did, but it turned out the thing I actually thought was the battery charger was terang-terang the bloody usb cable. Good grief, how much more gundu can I be? Pffft.
Luckily the camera survived our two days in a row trip to the zoo.
It finally decided to die on us after a few shots were taken when the kids were having so much fun at the Rainforest Kidzworld (that place is a must go when you're at the Singapore Zoo,btw)
So anyway, I had to menunggu belas ihsan from husband who brought back the camera with him and recharged the dead dead battery, and waited not so patiently for him to upload the pictures to his FB account (he uploaded a measly few, btw..oh you so busy eh Abang do housework? hehehe ;p), and when he did upload the few pictures, I greedily right-clicked and kopisusu-ed the precious pictures to my FB account pulak and then decided to go an extra mile and updated the blog using the same pictures..heeheehee
So these are a few pictures I have been d.y.i.n.g to share.
Pictures of who else, if not my darling gem, whom I have been d.y.i.n.g to send to some casting agencies, but held back (mak terpaksa, nak...:p) the dream yang ala-ala Impian Illyana gituh because the husband wasn't really sure that our Hawra could handle the pressures of being a lil' model.
Weeell, to tell you the truth (erm, who are you, btw? hehe), I am not that certain myself.
So for the time being, we'll just have to satisfy ourselves and make do with a cheap non-DSLR camera, and some asal boleh shots, with me as the photographer, can? ;)
"It's okay, Mommy...
I don't have to be a model to know how to strike a pose ;)"
Pandaaaai anak mak! lol.

love as always by zaLin @ 1:27 AM

.: Friday, July 03, 2009 :.

:: The Princess and the frog. ::

Once upon a time, in modern day world..a princess wannabe..

...met a frog.


A cute one, at that.

Now, the princess, clad in her PJs, was at first a bit squeamish.
She was not fond of any amphibians nor any other normal princesses would be, obviously ;p
But this one particular frog, brought back home by her doting daddy, the King of spades, really was cute.
She took her own sweet time trying to get to know the frog better.
The frog, named Jakro, was a green tree frog. And is unlike the typical katak purus she had met on several unpleasant occasions.

Ooookay, not too close, now, okay, Mommy..

Hello, Jakro. Why do you have a jawa twang to your name, huh? I thought this was supposed to be a fairy tale...?

Mommy : Hawra, if you kiss Jakro, he will turn into a prince.
Princess Hawra : *rolls eyes* Yeah, right. I'm not buyin' it, Ma..

So whaddaya say, Jakro? Wanna be my buddy? ;)
But I have just one rule for you to adhere, though...

This is the c.l.o.s.e.s.t that you'll ever get to me, really. You can blink your big green eyes and act all cute on mommy and daddy, but they'll never work on me ;p

And so the frog stayed in the castle for 1 whole week, and it was time for him to return to his own kingdom.
The princess was sad to watch her daddy bring Jakro back to his home.
But she knows that the frog will be back to visit her one day.
And anyway, she had pictures of them together having a good time.
And like they say, memories last a lifetime :)

~The End ~

love as always by zaLin @ 12:32 AM

.: Wednesday, June 17, 2009 :.

:: All grown up.. ::

...and loves to wear make-up! ;p

It has been 40 months 3 days since she came into our lives, and took us on a big new adventure of parenthood.

Now, is it just me..or has she grown so much since the last I blogged a few months back?





She is 95% independent, and loves to help with almost anything, voluntarily or involuntarily ;)
She loves to help around the house, simple tasks like sorting out the laundry (whites, colors, and dark colored clothes), helping me sweep the floor, hanging and folding clothes (she can now fold her own clothes, rather neatly, I must say *so proud*) and stuff.

But above it all, she simply loves wearing make-up. It all started a few months back when one day she saw me taking out my cosmetics pouch and asked "Mommy~~ what's that?"
I will never forget her animated face when I said "This is mommy's make-up pouch"
" Mommy, nak jalan eh? Hawra nak pistik (lipstick)".
Oookay, she can use my lip gloss, it's fine by me.
But then, she saw me applying my mascara, and asked, "what's that?"
"Oh this is mascara. Hawra takleh use ok. You're too small for mascara"
The 'too small for you' card saved me that time.
But after a few more times ogling at me when I wear make-up, she'd beg me and keep on chanting, "mommy, nak mascara..nak mascara" *repeat 20x non-stop and you'll see how annoyed I was that I finally gave in, for the sake of my sanity*.
Yes, even little cute angelic beings like toddlers can make you lose your marbles sometimes.

And now, that little angelic being is now chanting, "Mommy, nak susu..nak susu..." *repeat 20x, and imagine me typing away on blogger*
Doesn't really make me a good mom, does it?
Now you get it when I said, I hardly have time to blog nowadays?

Till we meet again ;)

love as always by zaLin @ 11:17 PM
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